First-Rate Hydraulic Rigs

Hydra-Fab Manufacturing, Inc. in Phenix City, Alabama, manufactures BoreMaster trailer-mounted hydraulic rigs. Our rigs are available in a variety of power configurations, from 16 HP-25 HP gasoline or diesel engines. Portable packages are also offered, with power levels ranging from 13 HP to 36 HP.

Powerful Machines

Featuring fully hydraulic high-torque top head drive units with forward and reverse rotations, our BoreMaster rigs work fast and are easily operated. Their 6 in. power masts can be raised and lowered in seconds while still being able to drill in perfectly straight lines.

Hydraulic Rig Features

Instead of converted water pipes, all rigs come standard with 200 ft. of high-strength drill stems with wide thread couplings. They also feature carry racks for drill stems, bits, and mud pumps. Other features include:

   •  High-Torque Transmissions
   •  High-Volume Water Swivels
   •  Durable Belt Drives

Multipurpose Drills

All these features make our rigs suitable for geothermal installations. Farmers and ranchers can make good use of them, too.

Mud Pumps

Hydra-Fab Manufacturing, Inc. also manufactures mud pumps. They are available in a wide range of power levels, from 6.5 HP to 16 HP. Features include:

   •  Remote Throttle Control
   •  Tool Tray
   •  Built-In Battery
   •  Wide-Track 13 in. All-Terrain Wheels & Tires

Get Clean Water

Drilling your own well instead of using city water has many benefits. For one, it gives you access to clean, clear, and fresh water that is not loaded with chemicals. Ground water can be used for:

   •  Drinking
   •  Geothermal Drilling
   •  Sprinkler Systems for Lawns & Gardens

Save Money

Drilling your own well also saves you on utility costs. What's more, should a water shortage ever occur, you would still have fresh water without the need to pay for city water. You only need electricity to run the pump.

Contact us in Phenix City, Alabama, to order top-grade hydraulic rigs.