The BoreMaster ZX-1000, Cutting-Edge Well Drilling Equipment

Hydra-Fab Manufacturing, Inc. in Phenix City, Alabama, manufactures a variety of well drilling equipment. Our flagship product is the BoreMaster ZX-1000, a rig designed for heavy-duty drilling.

Balanced Weight Distribution

At 384 lbs., the ZX-1000 is so well-balanced that even a child can handle it. This rig requires very little effort to move from one site to another, which means there's less fatigue on the operator.


The electric winch raises and lowers the power head at the push of a button. And you add the drill stem as it gets deeper. Once you hit water, install your casing and your pump.


Solid Features

The ZX-1000's platform design grips the ground securely. Its single solid-beam mast is adjustable from 0 degrees to 45 degrees so you can calibrate it for that perfect bore alignment, even when you are drilling on a slope.You get the choice of either Kohler or high quality Import Engines to power your rig. Other standard features include:

   •  16 HP Power Head
   •   Belt Drive
   •   Industrial Worm Gear Transmission (28:1 Gear Ratio)
   •   Industrial Commercial Water Swivel
   •   12 V Power Winch with Remote Control
   •   Remote Throttle Control
   •   Wide Ground-Gripping Platform
   •   13.5 in. Tires
   •   Built-In Battery
   •   Tool Tray

   •   Adjustable Slip Assembly (Our Own Design, Available Only On Boremaster Rigs)

Return Policies

Hydra-Fab allows returns for unused products within 10 days of receipt of your purchase. You get a full refund minus shipping charges.

Package Deal

Hydra-Fab Manufacturing, Inc. offers a package deal for the ZX-1000. Originally priced at $6,245, we are now offering for$5,200. Along with the rig, the package also comes with the following:

   •  12 V Power Winch with Remote Control
   •  Reverse Breakout Feature
   •  12,000 GPH Mud Pump Assembly with Hoses
   •  100 ft. Commercial-Grade Drill Stem with 1.25 in. ID & M-50 Wide Thread Couplings
   •  Double Slip Assemblies
   •  Three Carbide Alloy Earth Bits (4.5 in., 6.5 in., & 9.5 in. Variants)

ZX-1000 Package Configurations

The drilling equipment is available in a variety of configurations and power levels, including 13 HP to 16 HP gas engines, or 10 HP to 15 HP diesel engines. Each EPA-approved engine includes an electric ignition system with an electric starter.

Contact us in Phenix City, Alabama, for more information about the BoreMaster ZX-1000.